Fire Science Research Group (FSRG) is an independent testing organisation which offers fire resistance testing and added value services to our customers. FSRG works with up-to-date technologies and international testing standards. At the very heart of FSRG are first class fire resistance testing laboratories in the Asia Pacific region located at Adelaide, Australia and Klang, Malaysia.

The primary objectives for the establishment of FSRG include:

  • Development of new products, systems and applications for passive fire resistance.

  • Benchmark testing of existing systems in the current fast growing and competitive fire protection marketplace to ensure continuing compliance.

  • An integrated materials research and analysis laboratory set-up to complement the fire testing laboratory.

  • Integrated material testing facilities.

‘Fire safety in the built environment’
FSRG is the latest fire test lab in Malaysia, offering international standard fire testing services and facilities to local, regional and international clients.

Fire test video
FSRG recognised testing standards:-
  • Australian Standards
  • British Standards
  • European Standards
  • International (ISO) Standards