FSRG offers fire resistance testing as a core service. In order to provide added value facilities to customers. FSRG also performs materials testing and analysis for the purpose of research and development of fire resistance protection materials.

FSRG undertakes full scale and indicative fire resistance testing to various systems in accordance with a range of international test standards.

Representative of elements of constructions that can be tested at FSRG include:
  • Penetration seals
  • Timber fire door sets
  • Steel fire door sets
  • Masonry and concrete block wall elements
  • Walls and partitions
  • Glazed systems
  • Shaftwalls
  • Ceiling membranes
  • Load bearing ceilings
  • Suspended ceilings
  • Ventilation ducts and dampers
  • Floor structures
  • Steelwork protection
Heating curves
FSRG facilities operate to a range of standard time/temperature test curves including the following:
  • ISO Cellulosic Curve
  • Standard Hydrocarbon Curve
  • Modified Hydrocarbon Curve (HCM)
  • RABT tunnel Curve
  • RWS tunnel Curve

Testing standards
FSRG tests in accordance with various recognised testing standards:
  • Australian Standards – AS 1530. AS 4072
  • British Standards BS 476: Part 20 to 24
  • European Standards – EN 1363, EN 1364, EN 1365, EN 1366
  • International Standards - ISO 834 Part 1 to Part 8
FSRG is the latest fire test lab in Malaysia, offering international standard fire testing services and facilities to local, regional and international clients.

Fire test video
FSRG recognised testing standards:-
  • Australian Standards
  • British Standards
  • European Standards
  • International (ISO) Standards